Christmas tree candle holder

Would you like to decorate your Christmas tree with real candles? These candle holders are made for enthusiasts of that natural candle light feeling.
These candle holders are used by individually screwing the threads directly into the tree trunk.
There must be enough space left the above limbs! (to ensure safety)
The candle is in a safe position in a crystal disk. The fluent wax will be contained in it – This means no more blobs on the carpet or on the parquet.

The crystal disks are removable and easy to clean.

The bars have a gold-color varnish.


see it on a film:
PC version 320x240 (1min - 2,3 MB)
MAC version 320x240 (1min - 3,6 MB)

For an average tree from 2 meters to 2,5 meters it requires 22 bars with a length of
40-80 cm. For trees that can be seen from all sides, the Component Part 1 (22pcs) should be sufficient and for decorating of the visible vertical side of the tree (when normaly placed in a corner), Component Part 2 (13pcs) should be sufficient.

Component Part 1 (22 pieces including cristal disks)
484 €
inkl. VAT contents 3x40cm, 4x50cm, 4x60cm, 5x70 cm, 6x80 cm

Component Part 2 (13 pieces including cristal disks)
286 €
inkl. VAT contents 2x40cm, 2x50 cm, 2x60cm, 3x70cm, 4x80 cm

Other sizes or component parts for smaller or taller trees are also available.
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